Spectator courtesy is an important element of everyone's enjoyment. We ask that all patrons adhere to the QPEC's Code of Conduct and Courtesy. We are committed to providing a family-oriented, enjoyable and safe experience for everyone visiting our facility.

In the event that your experience is being disrupted by others that are engaging in unacceptable behaviour including:

  • Foul/abusive language or obscene gestures
  • Impairment related to alcohol or drug consumption
  • Indecent messages on signs or clothing
  • Smoking of any substance including e-cigarettes
  • Use of compressed gas air horns or other noisemakers, to be used with discretion and in a respectful manner
  • Disruption of the game or event including throwing objects onto the ice or in the stands, or trespassing into restricted areas
  • Fighting, taunting or making threatening remarks or gestures
  • Any other conduct deemed by QPEC staff to be inappropriate to the peace and good order of events or which may adversely affect the safety of persons or property

Please report issues to the nearest QPEC staff member and we will promptly rectify the situation. The above actions may result in ejection from the facility.

You and your property may be subject to inspection upon entry to the facility and the following may cause you to be refused entry:

  • Impairment related to alcohol or drug consumption
  • Possession of alcohol, drugs or items deemed to be weapons
  • Abusive behaviour or language
  • Possession of inappropriately obtained tickets
  • Food items or beverages may not be allowed into the facility.

Patrons should be alert and aware of hockey pucks and other objects that may enter the seating area. Risk of injury is greatly increased by those who are not aware of the play in progress. Patrons cannot interfer with arena users in any way.


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